Tasmanian Pademelon

A new addition to the growing roster of CC animals. Once present on the Australian mainland, the Tasmanian pademelon is now restricted to its namesake island. Enjoy a family of pademelons enjoying the safety of their island home…

Model & Skin: Hendrix

We’re sorry for the long silence but hoping to bring you some more updates soon!

14 thoughts on “Tasmanian Pademelon

  1. I really know that you are very trying the best that you can do, but waiting so long for all those stuff done is such a pain 🙁

  2. I can’t wait for you guys to be the people working on a virtual reality zoo game…that’d be so sweet…
    I mean idk how many of you guys program and design as a hobby and how many do it as a job but when I get a VR I’d gladly fork $60 over and a subscription for more if any of you do form a company that puts out that game.

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