10 thoughts on “Radical Remake – User Interface

  1. I’ve had issues with the User Interface in the past when I got it from your previous website. Has any update to its file been made since the move or is it still the same. The issue was that after adding it to my game, I was not able to use the spacebar to open gates, refill food, groom animals, heal animals, dig up fossils, repair tank filters, clean tanks, ride animals, empty trashcans or even take pictures. Even though I was given the prompting to press spacebar to do these task, pressing the spacebar didn’t do anything to engage or complete the task. It became hugely problematic, as I would have to get out of first person and back into it to go over fences and I would have to rely on my incompetent and slow zookeepers, maintenance workers and paleontologists to do those tasks.

  2. Hey, when I put the cursor into the game, do I have to copy in the ui>cursor file and overwrite the previous one, or do I just take the cursor file out of the ui file and put it in the ZT2 file like ZT2>cursor?

    • There’s the Z2F that you put ingame as is, and then there’s the cursor file ZIP that you extract into the ZT2 folder so that the ui>cursor folder is in the ZT2 folder.

  3. I have this bug (with the UI) where when I add it to the zt2 folder and start the game, after a bit it automaticly minimalizes the game and brings me to the desktop. is there a way to fix this?

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