13 thoughts on “Radical Remake – Fixed Campaigns

  1. I am not sure where to post this, but since this is the campaign fix, I suppose here would do. Ever since downloading the new UI, my camera in game refuses to work. I can take pictures, I can export them and everything else, but they do not qualify to satisfy objectives. The sound goes off to say that I have satisfied it, but when I look at my list of things I need to do, nothing is finished. Is this a common problem?

  2. for some reason my zebras are still causing my game to shut off in the campaign mode. I managed to beat everything so I decided to start the campaigns over with new species and discovered I cant =( I know this was supposed to fix it but its not, any theories as to why ? Help would be much appreciated guys <3

  3. I have something similar where the Galapagos Tortoises are causing my game to crash. When I place them, and zoom into them or have them in close view in guest mode, the game automatically crashes. It’s currently the only animal I notices this occurs.

    I’ve also noticed that some of the endangered status have changed, and it’s difficult to discern what the game considers the right status (on the zoopedia or the new modified one). For instance, a red panda used to be endangered, but with the mod, it got changed to vulnerable status. And the endangered species scenario would not let me “win” the scenario. In contrast, I had an Okapi, which is marked endangered but in zoopedia it’s low risk, and I could not win the scenario.

  4. Certain animals have a space glitch, the cheetah and mountain gorilla for sure, no matter how much space I give them they stay angry with critical space and makes it impossible to complete the campaigns

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