10 thoughts on “Radical Remake – Extinct Animals

  1. When I buy kwagga, its eyes are black and after selecting it (before placing) it is part zebra, part kwagga. Could you fix that?

  2. Hi, I am happy with your work. 🙂 However, why is the dodo brown? Can you please make it white/gray like a pigeon, or like in the Ice Age movies? Or have variant skins? Thank you.

  3. Hi I was wondering if you are going to do the quagga soon. There is a glitch that occurs when I installed the RR mod that affects the Quagga because of the zebra. If I have baby quaggas and they grow up, they turn into smaller zebra. Aside from that glitch the mods are amazing and make the game fun to come back to after all this time 🙂

    • well.. just search other remakes on the round table… or in the download library, i installed from both, works fine…

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