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  1. Alrededor de las vallas no se puede cambiar el terreno, tampoco me pone arboles ni arbustos ni piedras automáticamente, igualmente, muy buen trabajo y gran calidad, os animo a seguir perfeccionando esta maravilla!!

  2. Hey there, I’m really confused as how to get it to work. I’ve placed the file “zRR_Z_Enviroment” in the file “Zoo Tycoon 2” and nothing happens. No new biomes are added and the current biomes don’t seem to change in designs. I’ve tried looking up how to get it work but nothing seems to be coming up that’s helpful. Could you help me please?

  3. Please fix the Gate
    It doesn’t upgrade with increasing Zoo fame.It remains the same small Blue Baby Gate
    Why it is Intended ??
    You upgrade things,you make Things better then what’s the Hate with Gate ??

    • ok I found a way to fix this, i tried to report it as a bug but apparently you have to pay to make an account so you can report a bug, but heres the fix I found:

      go into zRR_z_Environment.z2f with WinRAR (should also work with 7zip) and go into [entities -> objects] then delete the folders [buildings] and [misc], then go into [fences] and delete [zoowall_df] and it is nearly back to normal now, only some of the colour of the zoo wall is missing

      hope this helps

  4. I noticing that your environment pack has a conflict with the newly updated Cretaceous Calamity XL map. Do you think there’s any possible solution to this, or anyway to make it compatible?

  5. Hola tenia una duda porque al instalar esto junto al resto del rr los biomas nuevos aparecen en los datos de los animales pero no aparecen al momento de colocarlos.
    Hi, I have a doubt because when installing this together with the rest of the rr, the new biomes appear in the animal data but do not appear at the time of placing them.

  6. I have downloaded this one and the one on Hendrix’s website and all of the environments work fine including the water except for wetlands, it shows up as a bright blue water and I don’t know why….though it goes back to being murky colored like it should be if I remove the environment download

  7. Thanks for this Great stuff. I moved the downloaded file to the Zoo Tycoon folder. After starting the game it hangs up. Can someone help? I have endangered species and african Adventures.

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