10 thoughts on “Radical Remake – Bonus Downloads

  1. What about Asiatic Black Bear? He was once downloadable content…

    Some websites have original one.

    Maybe add a skin with the original files of asiatic black bear?

  2. humm why my asian elephants are pink?
    ps; I really enjoyed this game when I was younger n’ now I play again and you did a great job ;D

  3. Please don’t forget the Asian Black Bear(Ursus thibetanus)! It’s an official Blue Fang animal.
    Also, your African Leopard looks weird. All of your cats are beautiful and correct, except for this leopard. Please update and correct it. But overall great work. Keep it up, AD! 🙂

  4. Whenever I place A female dwarf Sicilian Elephant, the animals appears black and crashes the game, can ya’ll fix this? I can place as many male Elephants as I want and nothing bad happens.

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