Zoo Tycoon 2

African Bush Elephant
Loxodonta africana
Alpine Ibex
Capra ibex
American Beaver
Castor canadensis
Bengal Tiger
Pathera tigris tigris

Black Rhinoceros
Diceros bicornis
Acinonyx jubatus
Pan troglodytes
Dromedary Camel
Camelus dromedarius

Eastern Moose
Alces acles americana
Emperor Penguin
Aptenodytes forsteri
Oryx gazella
Giant Panda
Ailuropoda meianoleuca

Grant’s Zebra
Equus quagga beohmi
Greater Flamingo
Phoenicopterus roseus
Grizzly Bear
Ursus arctos horribilis
Hippopotamus amphibius

Indian Peafowl
Pavo cristatus
Panthera onca
Mountain Gorilla
Gorilla beringei beringei
Nile Crocodile
Crocodylus niloticus

Okapia johnstoni
Polar Bear
Ursus maritimus
polar bear 2
Red Kangaroo
Macropus rufus
Red Panda
Ailurus fulgens

Reticulated Giraffe
Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata
Ring-tailed Lemur
Lemur catta

Snow Leopard
Uncia uncia
Southern Ostrich
Struthio camelus australis

Thomson’s Gazelle
Gazella thomsonii

41 thoughts on “Zoo Tycoon 2

  1. Thank you for breathing new life into this old favorite! All that animals that are available are beautiful and I cannot wait for any/all new releases!

  2. What about Western White-Bearded Wildebeest, Patterson’s Eland, Greater Kudu, Giant Anteater, Humboldt Penguin, Asiatic Black Bear, Rocky Mountain Elk, Black Swan, Cougar, Masai Ostrich, Reichenow’s Helmeted Guinea Fowl and Canada Lynx for bonus.

  3. First of all, THANK YOU for your hard work throughout the years!
    I remember, I was a pre-teen when I found your amazing work. Now I’m 25! The game has aged quite a bit but your work makes it so enjoyable!

    As some have pointed out, there’s one animal I long to see you remake : The lion. The frigging lion.

    I thinks its the animal I hope you guys will remake the most. The default lion looks like shit, the mane is horrible. All their animals looked pretty decent but the lion has always been so horrible.

    Please tell me, are you guys planning on remaking it T__T ?

  4. Esperamos al león con ansias chicos!!! La hembra de león de Instagram se ve genial! Felicitaciones! Congratulations for all guys!

  5. looks great, But is it posibel to make few variants of the afrikan elphant with realy big tuskers like those of Satao or Isilo?

  6. Wasn’t sure which page to slap this on, but I found that AD made a mustang at one point. Will that be re-released in the future or was that one of the standalones that will not be released again?

    • They did make a mustang, I have a aurora designs mustang in-game to prove it. I don’t know where to download it know. Try the old site, it should still be there. They might release it in the Complete Collection if your lucky.

  7. Уважаемые создатели ремейков! Протестировала все ремейки (скачаны в декабре 2016 г.). Ремейк Гигантской Панды НЕ РАБОТАЕТ !!! Во-первых: детеныш зовет мать, а мать зовет детеныша, сидят рядом, а потребность не выполняется! никогда!, во-вторых: игра вылетает без сообщения об ошибке в момент, когда детеныш должен стать подростком (проверяла несколько раз – всегда одно и тоже)! Пожалуйста, исправьте поскорее! Диносаурман, хочу увидеть ответ от Вас. Еще проблема с гиббонами, они ИСЧЕЗАЮТ при взаимодействии с высокими деревьями и лесенками гориллы, поэтому для них приходится делать отдельный вольер и сажать только травянистые растения и банановую пальму. К сожалению, не знаю английского языка, поэтому дублирую свой комментарий через гугл-переводчик.
    Dear creators of remakes! Test all remakes (downloaded in December 2016). Remake of the Giant Panda DOES NOT WORK !!! First: Calling young mother, and his mother calls the baby, sitting next, and the demand is not satisfied! Never !, Second: the game crashes without an error message when the baby should become a teenager (checked several times – always the same)! Please correct as soon as possible! Dinosaurman, want to see a response from you. Another problem with the gibbons, they disappear in contact with tall trees and ladders gorilla, so they have to make a separate enclosure and put only herbaceous plants and banana palms. Unfortunately, I do not know English, so duplicate the comment through Google translator.

  8. siembre me a encantado este trabajo, ustedes convirtieron un juego infantil en algo que te hace explotar la creatividad!
    Algo que repare hace poco, no se si haya sido así desde un principio, es el tamaño de los animales, no están acordes con el tamaño real, se ven muy pequeños a comparación de otros.. en especial los grandes mamíferos que se ven demasiado pequeños (elefante africano, rinoceronte, dromedario etc.) me gustaria que reparen ese detalle y le den una solución por favor.

  9. There should be a hack to bring back the Endangered status for the African Elephant, Grizzly Bear and the Red Panda

  10. i have got a problem with the kangaroo, they look lovely, but when ever i place them down they dont eat or drink anything or move hardly, can you help me please

    • Because it’s crash, your game getting broken if you increase more stuff from this website. Please Aurora design fix all problem, make a good move for all these things that you are promise to us. I desperate to waiting. It’s been maybe more than 8 years to even make all these things done. If you are make a good intention make it quick finish all of these motherfucker shit 😫😫😫

  11. Hi! I’ve noticed that I have a bug with Reticulated Giraffe calves, Hippopotamus calves, and Grizzly Bears cubs, where there is only a base color. For example, the giraffe calf is pure white, the hippo is purple, and the bear is brown. I’ve tried re-downloading the pack and that hasn’t worked.

    Sorry to complain about the bug!

  12. I know that you aren’t really making a lion. I am working on my african lion that i started before 1 month and i will be finished. I still don’t understand why does it taking you so long to make a lion.

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