Extinct Animals

Raphus cucullatus

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  1. What about the other extinct animals that should be remaked and some bonus ones like the woolly mammoth, Giraffatitan, Muttaburrasaurus, Crylophosaurus and Giganotosaurus?

  2. I am bewildered that there is’nt a Quagga-Remake made by Aurora Designs. Would it not be easy to make one from the Zebra?

    • They’re focusing on the original, Endangered Species, African Adventure, and Marina Mania, first. Mostly, because how certain extinct animals look is still debated and speculated, I think. If you think it’s easy to make one from Zebra, why not try it yourself? Not to be rude, for sure.

  3. Soo are there plans to remake more of the extinct creatures? i’m not very active in the community but i would still like to know please.

  4. I know you mentioned in the past that you all were planning on leaving most of the extinct animals to jagged fang designs, but they don’t really seem to be active anymore. if that’s the case, do you have any plans to remake the entire expansion pack? I’m sure the designs you guys would come up with would be awesome!

  5. Here is hoping you guys at least tackle the Holocene and Pleistocene animals, those are for all intents and purposes modern animals, and it is a shame to see them in such lackluster quality.

  6. I really hope you guys do what Erior suggested. It is what I really hope for as well because if I place an extinct animal from the original game in Radical Remake it makes my game crash so…there’s that. Please make at least the Pleistocene animals!!

  7. Poor dodo you will never get another friends from your expansion pack. Too sad to be truth they not even make a good move.

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