Endangered Species

Crested Gibbon
Nomascus concolor
Florida Panther
Puma concolor coryi
Galapagos Giant Tortoise
Chelonoidis nigra chathamensis
Giant Sable Antelope
Hippotragus niger variani

Phascolarctos cinereus
Komodo Dragon
Varanus komodoensis
Przewalski’s Horse
Equus ferus przewalskii
Scimitar Horned Oryx
Oryx dammah

Spanish Lynx
Lynx pardinus

18 thoughts on “Endangered Species

  1. I have already installed this pack but the prezwalski just got added into the download. Do I need to delete the download and download it again? Its quite unclear I can’t find it and it’s my first time using your downloads

    • It has been revealed but not released, it’s not the same thing. When it’ll be available you’ll obviously need to redownload the files 😉

  2. Yeah, the Galapagos tortoise crashes mine as well, which isn’t good since the Endangered Species Campaign requires that you have two. Other than that it seems to be working for me. By the way, the elephant is outstanding!

  3. Hello.. um i want to ask something.. I’ve already installed the Endangered Species Expansion here, but the animals are invinsible, can someone help me please?

  4. Why they havent yet put the orangutan and Wolverine in the animals of Endangered Species of the official page, nor have they put Wes in the about section of the official page? It would be great if the animals of CC also appear in the RR projects of the page, since it is entertaining and educational to see it this way. I say it because that’s the style of his official website, I do not demand anything, I just ask as a fan who sees his page almost every day. Saludos AD.

    • Cause they don’t use this website anymore. DinosaurMan was the main person that used it, but then he retired and so this website is just kinda… here. If you want updates, go to ZT2 Round Table.

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