Radical Remake

The first user-made expansion created by our team was revealed in 2009 as a celebration of 5 years of Zoo Tycoon 2. Radical Remake includes remade content from the original Zoo Tycoon 2 game and its expansions as a complete makeover to the game’s aesthetic experience.

With Radical Remake, zoo tycooners can now build zoos with realistic objects and scenery. Give the ground a new look with high resolution biome textures. Add re-textured foliage and rocks to make lush landscapes and a splash of new skies! Finally, adopt completely remade animals to fill your zoo!
Boxart RR small size


Astounding Animals

Have your spectacular animals come to life with anatomically accurate and high quality models and textures.

Lush Landscapes

Capture nature’s beauty as you create exceptional landscapes with the new biomes, foliage, and rocks.

Spectacular Skies

Enjoy your game with new skies that transform your game with better atmospheric qualities

Outstanding Objects

Build your zoo with objects and scenery of exceptional quality and realism.

Inspirational Interface

Have a completely new graphic experience of the game with the user-interface giving the game a whole new look.

Additional Information:

Revealed Animals

Click the logos to see what animals have been revealed for Radical Remake.

Biomes Website

Click the image to see pictures and more information about Radical Remake’s biomes.


29 thoughts on “Radical Remake

  1. Thank you very much, I love that the animals actually look like animals now, rather than squares made roughly into the shapes of animals 🙂

  2. Your work is great, but I’ve noticeed that it’s filled with problems. The biggest of all is that some animals become unresponsive with any object and I either have to replace them or force them to do stuff. Couple other problems I saw were: the gibbons get stuck underground (when climbing trees I think,) and the leatherback sea turtle won’t lay eggs on the island. I say this to try to help you guys because everything is awesome. P.S. The elephants look fantastic!

  3. Where is the cerrado/additional foliage/winter magic packs etc.? I deleted the old versions a while ago and I am returning to play the game but I see these mods are nonexistent on this new site. Where are these downloads?

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  5. So happy to see you are still active! Zoo Tycoon 2 is still the best zoo simulation game out there and with your remakes, even better! I have been playing with your remakes for a while now and it has renewed my love of the game. Thank you so much!

  6. Bugs
    1) When I select an animal, the game closes alone
    2) The animals reskins glitch the models
    3) The new biomes as glitched

  7. Im really frustated any of the mods from any website doesnt work for me, It keeps playing on the based zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection game and nothing changes.Can someone help me fix this idownloaded the game from torrent and if thats why can someone let me know the proper way to download the zoo tycoon 2 to make the mods working especially this radical remake. Please help im dying just to play the zoo tycoon with mods especially from aurora design. hope someone will answer. Thank you

    • It’s probably your torrent. Just look for testing game at a local store like London Drugs or others. If you prefer online then you should be able to get the ultimate collection online pretty cheap. However, in case it’s not your torrent, how did you install the mods? Could be you installed the incorrectly

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