Complete Collection


Over the years, both our team and its individual members have created dozens of additional animals and object for the game. The best of these projects are bundled here for the first time with improved quality. Boasting 40 animals, more than 60 plants and trees and two complete themes, this is the ultimate collection of Aurora Designs material!

In order to compile this set, a lot of preparation work had been done to assess which projects could be incorporated and what could be improved. We ended up remaking a good portion completely from scratch, while other parts were updated for better performance and gameplay.

43 thoughts on “Complete Collection

    • Well, I’m wondering how to download it too, because it’s not in the DOWNLOADS section…

      Could someone help me? I really want to download this! Great work 😀

  1. you guys are my reason to play zoo tycoon again. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything 🙂

    • It’s really easy actually. I wondered that for 4 years until finally someone posted a video on youtube on how to actually open a .z2f file in the game. All you have to do is put the .z2f file in the profile folder you are using. Use the following pathway for windows 10:
      Click on file explorer (which is just the folder icon on your task bar)->Click “This PC”->Double click Local Disk (C:)->Users->Your user name->AppData->Roaming->Microsoft Games->Zoo Tycoon 2->Then choose the appropriate profile folder.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Why have you removed all of the teams individual work! I wanted to get simbas spino and parasaurolophus but I can’t get them!

  3. I remember that you said somewhere that you mainly wanted to do this reboot because the team has improved so much over the years. Does that mean that we’ll possibly get reboots of the older animals in Radical Remake sometime in the future?

  4. Happy New Year to all Aurora Designs team. Congratulations for all the great effort that have made this 2016 and for all of your great creations and designs. Greetings from Santiago de Chile.

  5. Hey DinosaurMan,

    Is your team still in contact with Eryel? I was wondering because I recently learned that she stopped making mods for public consumption and that really devastated me; she was one of my favorite mod creators for ZT2. I was really looking forward to her Asiatic lion, sun bear, and woolly mammoth. Do you think that she’d be interested in putting those in your Complete Collection if you could prevent the problem that made her stop? I really miss her.

  6. HEY! AD, I would love to suggest another animal to add to the list! A CHINCHILLA! That would awesome, and in a few colors such as grey, white, black, brown… Just a thought would be amazing! Thanks for your time reading this!

  7. If I may, I would love to suggest an animal. It would be amazing to see a sloth bear. I hope this could be considered. the reason si that I have yet to find a great quality sloth bear. Knowing your teams skill at creating amazing creatures for ZT2 so maybe this could happen one day?

  8. I bet it would be amazing to see Grevy’s zebra, a western lowland gorilla, a bonobo, a red fox, and African crested porcupine, a striped skunk, an American alligator, an arapaima, and a sand tiger shark.

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