Platypus’ Platypus

Very fittingly, today’s reveal was created by the member who goes by its name.

Part of the Complete Collections growing roster of total remakes, the original version was made by Longisquama in 2011 using otter animations. For the new version, we decided to use monitor animations to get the spine wiggling that’s so characteristic of playtpi.

Here is it in our usual studio environment, exhibiting what could be achieved with better shaders…


We also made a composite render with day and nighttime lighting, but could not decide on which version to pick, so here are both variations:



Credits: Model & Skin by Platypus, Renders by Yukon & Hendrix

10 thoughts on “Platypus’ Platypus

  1. Amazing platypus, they are my favorite animal and yet i haven’t been able to download any. I would download the whole complete collection just for this platypus (but i’m not, because all the animals look great). Great work Platypus.

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