New Animal Revealed and New Team Member

Looks like we are in an ES frenzy at the moment: We are very happy to finally present to you the next critter of the Endangered Species expansion, the Wolverine.

But, that’s not all yet… I am very proud and happy to present to you the newest addition to our team and a very good friend of mine: Welcome Wes!

We both met in 2015 and it was a year later when he started to get into designing, and that with some great talent. We already worked on different stuff together, which we (of course) never finished, but I found it was time for him to join us. He started working on the wolverine in december last year. With a patience and improvement rate that is quite impressive, he managed to produce one of the nicest skins that I’ve seen for quite a while.
But Wes is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the community. We already did a lot of stuff together (we even created a website), and he has always been kind, funny, motivated and eager to learn new things. Right now, he’s trying to get a bit more into cycles render, so I’m afraid I won’t be alone with that much longer. Also, Wes is my age, so I’m also not the (only) „young one“ in the team anymore, which I quite enjoy.
While he mainly joined as a skinner, Wes has some knowledge about blender, too and if he continues to learn that fast, you might also see some models with his signature in the future.

Skin: Wes
Model & Render: Yukon

8 thoughts on “New Animal Revealed and New Team Member

  1. Wooow! Wolverine looks great! Glad to know that there is a new member to help you. Greetings Wes! Greetings AD Team.

  2. Wolverine looks so lifelike. It would be cool to see some variants with different amounts of beige and brown fur. Can’t wait for more. Also, welcome to AD, Wes!

  3. Hah! Finally good stuff is out! Come on… We need all of those things soon!!! Work harder or do something more tidy, people!! Don’t make us wait too long like this make me really sick!

    • Seriously? Have some respect and be thankful that they even are working on it, and you haven’t to pay one cent for it.

    • Patience is a virtue for a reason. They have a life outside of designing and creating that they also need to take care of. I love their work, and if I have to wait for some animals to get their debut for RR, then that’s fine. I can enjoy the ones that they already have finished while I wait for the rest. They still have a majority of the animals done for the ZT2 packs they selected for RR.

      I understand that you probably will never read my comment

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