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Q: How do I install the files?
A: Just move them in the Zoo Tycoon 2 directory, which is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon 2” by default. Do not unzip Z2F files.

Q: Can I play RR with just the base game? Which expansions do I need for it to work?
A: Unfortunately you can not run RR with the base game alone. You need to have at least Marine Mania installed for everything to work properly.

Q: Can I use Aurora Designs’ files for my own projects?
A: Aurora Designs’ models and skins may be used for ZT2-related purposes in most cases. See the credits page for details. Any use outside the ZT2 community, such as repacking, selling or sharing, is forbidden.

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  1. How do I install the mod pack so that the biomes link up with the animals because its not working or me. Ty

  2. Hello! I was wondering a few things.

    1. Who is in charge of running the website?

    2. Is there a place or address where I can donate money?

    3. If not, would you be interested in doing so?

    I wanted to donate $5 USD to help with server/domain costs, and whatever else Aurora Designs needed. There’s a website called Patreon where artists and game designers can collect donations from their fans, and I’d love to support Aurora Designs anyway I can. 🙂

    I already have an account there, and the website and paypal handle all processing, so everything stays private.

    • Blender for the models (it’s free! -> blender.org), I personally use Gimp for the textures but other members use Adobe Photoshop.

      • Hello do you know why the water isn’t working for me I have the biomes remake and everything is radical but not the water it’s just normal vanilla water

  3. When I downloaded the files and tried to put them into the storage, how come I need more storage and how do I get more?

  4. Hi there! Once again, congratulations for your wonderful work! I can’t wait to see more!
    I wanted to offer my help for translating. Since I’m a french Canadian, my physical copy of Zoo Tycoon is in french, so when I use RR, the added content (and not the modified one) doesn’t have any name or information on it. If you’d like help to translate things to french, I’d be happy to lend a hand.

  5. If possible, can you guys make a coconut tree, banana tree, royal palm, live oak and a deodar cedar and also some scenery such as a temple ruins from india, persia, china, se asia and mesoamerica?

  6. Is it known that the Radical Remake Environment set breaks the zoo gate and border fence?
    Gate remains Blue with no decorations regardless of zoo fame and challenge mode special gate award and the border fence is odd white brick like material.
    All other Radical Remake packs work normally.

  7. The gibbons keep falling through the ground when they jump off elevated food platforms, trees, or the monkey-bars, and then stay stuck underground. Please fix this! 😀

  8. Notice the ENTRANCE GATE pls.It doesn’t change ??
    Even if Zoo is 5 stars,it shows the same small Baby Gate as 1/2 star.Please fix it
    IN original with Every Rating they keep upgrading the Gate,but its not with this.Fixxxxxxxxxxx soon pls
    I don’t like my 5 star Zoo this cheap 🙁

  9. Can you please Make some Decor Items as Statues Pools Fountains etc
    and Also some Theme Buildings too ZT & Tundra is so Boring
    also pls Fix the Gate,with Zoo fame it should upgrade too pls fix

  10. This project is super impressive. I am an artist working exclusively with animals as subject matter. You can see my work here- http://www.tjfullerswebsite.com

    I was wondering if it would be possible to release your rigs as fbx files? Or any format that would allow use outside of ZT2 the game? I’d even be willing to purchase them 🙂


    • Hey,
      there are scripts to import BFB and NIF models into blender, for example here:
      With these tools, you can then convert them to FBX or any other format you want.

      You can use our models and textures freely for non-commercial purposes. Note that this does not include the skeletons (=rigs? depending on your terminology), as these are (in almost all cases) directly derived from the original game and therefore not fit for sharing. So you’d have to build your own skeletons and animations for any use beyond ZT2.

      If you need a custom solution for commercial projects, feel free to contact us again.


  11. I do not know if the following are bugs, but they are problems I have experienced after downloading radical remake.
    1. While in zoo guest mode, you can no longer groom, feed, water animals or rake poo.
    2. You can no longer rotate objects with the less than and greater than keys on the keyboard.
    3. You can no longer edit the names of anything such as animals or buildings.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues with radical remake?

    Also, why don’t the new biomes have names in the game? Can that not be edited? I have figured out that the biomes are in alphabetical order but it’s annoying to have to look back at the list I have written down to remember what the new biomes are.

  12. I’ve been playing Zoo Tycoon 2 for a few years using your modifications now (Thank you by the way). I’ve noticed a bug with your environment remake pack skins with which water colors are off when viewed behind tank walls.

    For instance when I make a tank containing Benthic water it appears crystal clear when viewed through a tank wall or when making a tank of tropical coast (reef) water the water is dark and murky. When I go into guest mode and swim through the water it looks as it should (Benthic is dark and murky and reef water is tinted blue but visible).

    Has this problem ever been reported with you environment remake pack and is there a fix for this issue so that tank water is the correct color or clear when viewed through tank walls?

  13. Ok, I have an annoying problem. I downloaded RR for MM and it was perfect. But after a while,
    I realized that the orca and dolphin calves haven’t grown up! They were born 3 years ago (in game) but it normally takes just a few months for them to grow up. It is a huge disappointment because I love how the animals look and all of my breeding center (and normal zoos) have animals that are babies forever. Also I thought, well maybe I should just take it out of my game so I did that and every time that I went into the game, it crashed while loading! So, I was wondering if you could try to fix the bug, or patch it? I would really be thankful! Sorry for wasting your time though if you even read this.

    • Такая же проблема с новым RR. Детеныши многих морских животных так и не стали взрослыми, моржи умерли от старости, а детеныш все маленький, а еще у меня не работает панда: игра вылетает в момент, когда детеныш должен стать подростком; гиббоны проваливаются под землю при взаимодействии с высокими предметами; также игра периодически вылетает при использовании галапагосских черепах. Все это меня очень разочаровывает… Я уже написала это здесь на сайте, но пока никто не ответил.

  14. Hi! I have the hack to not see the entrance although since downloading the enviorement and such download I now can’t get rid of the cartoon entrance thats in front of my realistic entrance, it looks ugly and now I can’t get rid of it, please help.

  15. Greetings aurora designs team.. I really loved the concepts and designs of your animals and thus your team are really improving a lot, well I’d like to suggest that I’ve been searching new downloads in the ZT2 roundtable until I see a great potential for the release of an animal named
    “Indricotherium” which is in the pic below.. Well, The concept is a bit odd but the texture seems great, however it lacks additional info like encyclopedia and animations perhaps this animal could make a good addition to the Radical Remake for Extinct animals which is really great.. Btw I appreciate your work guys and I will be looking forward to your new projects Thanks!


  16. I’ve tried reporting a bug report and to be honest I don’t how to turn one in. The bug I’v been trying to report is that whenever I place a female Dwarf Sicilian Elephant, the animal appears black and crashes the game. I can place as many males as I want and nothing happens. Can ya’ll fix this. Also have other bug reports as well, one of which the Jaguar’s mouth remains open the entire time and whenever you go into the water the texture on the foliage glitches out.

    • Hi,
      I recorded most of the thylacine texturing process as a video tutorial (parts 11-13 of the series):

      This should give you a rough idea of how I/we do it!

  17. Any chance you’ll add in a megalodon, stethacanthus, dunkleosteus, xenacanth or orthacanthus? The dunk was basically king of the sea during the devonian period and thought to be one of the first craniates. The xenacanth was a freshwater shark from the devonian period and the others are just awesome. You have done amazing work with all these animals I don’t have zoo tycoon 2 but I’m really excited to purchase it now.

  18. Hi – in this, have the meerkats been fixed to actually drink? I found this while looking for a meerkat fix and I LOVE it, but I was wondering if it actually solved the problem I was looking to solve, lol

  19. Red kangaroo bug report: it doesn’t move. I don’t know if its a bug or just other mods I downloaded that messed it up. Need professional help please.

  20. I have a question about the radical remake environment the table coral appears messed up instead of the remade one why is that?

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