You want to look up who made which animal so you can be sure it’s alright to use it? Find out here!

Zoo Tycoon 2
African Elephant – Simba
Alpine Ibex – Simba
American Beaver – DinosaurMan + Otter Lord
Bengal Tiger – Brownwolf + Simba
Black Rhinoceros – Simba
Cheetah – Simba
Chimpanzee – Triceraptor Rex + DinosaurMan
Dromedary Camel – Triceraptor Rex + Okeanos
Emperor Penguin – Simba
Gemsbok- Leopard Claw + Simba + DinosaurMan
Giant Panda- Leopard Claw + Simba + Yapok
Grant’s Zebra – Simba
Greater Flamingo – DinosaurMan
Grizzly Bear – DinosaurMan + Leopard Claw
Hippopotamus – Triceraptor Rex + Simba + DinosaurMan
Indian Peafowl – Simba
Jaguar – DinosaurMan + Elizabeth (Black variant – Leopard Claw + Simba)
Moose – Simba + (OtterLord + TyrantTR)
Mountain Gorilla – Otter Lord + Leopard Claw + DinosaurMan
Nile Crocodile – TyrantTR + Simba
Okapi – Simba + (DinosaurMan)
Ostrich – Simba
Polar Bear – Triceraptor Rex + Leopard Claw + Platypus
Red Kangaroo – Otter Lord + Simba
Red Panda – Triceraptor Rex + Longisquama + Otter Lord
Reticulated Giraffe – Simba
Ringtailed Lemur – DinosaurMan + Simba
Snow Leopard – Triceraptor Rex + Leopard Claw
Thomson’s Gazelle – Simba

Endangered Species
Crested Gibbon – DinosaurMan
Florida Panther – Yukon
Galapagos Giant Tortoise – DinosaurMan + Eryel
Giant Sable Antelope – Leopard Claw + Longisquama
Koala – Longisquama + DinosaurMan
Komodo Dragon – DinosaurMan
Przewalski’s Horse – Platypus
Scimitar-Horned Oryx – Longisquama
Spanish Lynx- DinosaurMan (Skin base- LC)

African Adventure
Aardvark – DinosaurMan
African Buffalo – Triceraptor Rex + Leopard Claw
African Spurred Tortoise – DinosaurMan
Barbary Ape – DinosaurMan
Gelada – DinosaurMan
Gerenuk – DinosaurMan + Longisquama
Mandrill – DinosaurMan
Masai Giraffe – Simba + DinosaurMan
Nile Monitor- DinosaurMan
Ratel- DinosaurMan
Secretary Bird – DinosaurMan
Striped Hyena- Emilie + DinosaurMan
Warthog – Okeanos + Eryel
Wildebeest – Triceraptor Rex

Marine Mania
Beluga – Platypus + DinosaurMan
Blacktip Reef Shark – Triceraptor Rex + DinosaurMan
Blue Marlin – DinosaurMan
Bottlenose Dolphin – Simba
California Sea Lion – DinosaurMan
False Killer Whale – DinosaurMan
Goblin Shark – Simba + DinosaurMan
Green Sea Turtle – DionsaurMan
Leatherback Sea Turtle – Simba + DinosaurMan
Manta Ray – DinosaurMan
Narwhal – DinosaurMan + Platypus
Orca – Simba
Pacific Walrus – DinosaurMan
Rockhopper Penguin – DinosaurMan + Otter Lord
Sea Otter – Otter Lord
Short-Finned Pilot Whale – DinosaurMan
West-Indian Manatee – DinosaurMan

Extinct Animals
Dodo- DinosaurMan

Official Bonus Downloads
Addax – Longisquama + Elizabeth
African Leopard – DinosaurMan
Asian Elephant – BrownWolf + DinosaurMan
Musk Ox – DinosaurMan + Triceraptor Rex

AD Bonus Downloads
Mustang – Simba
Malayan Tapir – Otter Lord
Great Barracuda – DinosaurMan
Leafy Seadragon – Leopard Claw + DinosaurMan
Maned Wolf – OtterLord
Nine-Banded Armadillo – DinosaurMan
Siberian Tiger – Simba
Saiga Antelope – OtterLord
Wild Turkey – Simba, TyrantTR + DinosaurMan

Thanks also go out to
Milchman – for advanced coding help on several animals

10 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Aurora Designs Hello ! First of all , congratulations on all your hard work in RR , AD and individual projects. I want to ask you a question for Hendrix about your work WNW that are not compatible with RR ? Or is it to have many files stored on the game? Thanks for everything. I hope Complete Collection with much longing. I hope it’s soon! I see page Aurora Designs every day! Excuse my English , but live where does the Pudu … In Chile ! Thanks for everything.

  2. I didn’t see anything about whether the “biome remakes” text can be reused (I wanted to make a sign pack for the RR biomes in Zoo Tycoon 2, including the description for a biome and I would credit appropriately). I was also wondering if I could reuse the RR models to make a statue pack (for ZT2 as well, and again, credit will be given).

  3. So does the mustang being credited to Simba make it PD or not? It would be nice if you would let us know that, it’s a little more useful than just having the name of the creator.

  4. First of all, congratulations for this amazing job! I have some questions for you that I would like to know if it´s possible 🙂

    1) Where is the official bonus download of the Asiatic Black Bear? Will you remake it too??
    *[Asiatic Black Bear:

    2) I heard that you created the Indian Gharial and the Blue Whale too, but I don´t see them on the list above. What happened to them?
    *[Indian Gharial:
    *[Blue Whale:

    3) The Leafy Seadragon didn´t need the “Moray Eel Pack” to move if I remember correctly? Where is it?
    *[Moray Eel Pack:

    4) And the last one, would it be posible to upload your personal project “European Expeditions” and all of the ZTABC Team´s packs for Radical Remake: The Complete Collection? (“Amphibia”, “Artiodactyla”, “Aves”, “Carnivora” and “Wildes China”) I say this because HENDRIX and DinosaurMan are the same person, isn´t it? You worked on these projects, so I guess you can do it… Could it be possible, please?? 😀
    *[European Expeditions:

    ZTABC Team
    *[Wildes China:

    I know we’re asking too much, but I think I am talking for everyone who´s following this incredible project for years, including myself! If Aurora Designs could remake all the mentioned animals and packs, I think this project would be unbeatable and unforgettable for all of us FOREVER! 😀

    Thanks for read, we´ll wait for your answer. Keep going! 😉

  5. I’m just going to get right to it. Aurora Designs, you guys do some amazing work especially your revamped UI. Now I have reskinned that UI for me using colors I like and now I’m taking requests from the ZT2 community to make UI’s for them now I wanted to clear up any PU and PD issues that may become of myself doing this. So is it alright if I can reskin your UI’s and either privately or publicly release them or do you not want me to do that at all?

  6. Since it doesn’t say who did the plants for Complete Collection, I’m just going to ask here: Are the schima tree and California oak from CC public domain, and, if so, which specific member(s) of the team should I credit if I make something with them?

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