The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here:
After more than two years in the making, we are pleased to announce the release of Aurora Designs – Complete Collection!

Here’s one last reveal and then we’ll let you discover the remaining updates yourself!

It’s the remade ocellated turkey

Render & Environment by Yukon, Model and Skin by Hendrix

You can find more information on the Complete Collection here.

Thanks to our testers who made this release possible by reporting dozens of bugs, namely Koiking, ctfctf7, Komori Miharu and Zoocrazy.

45 thoughts on “Finally…!

      • Ha, no they’re not! (well now they are, again)
        For some reason, the downloads page only displays 10 downloads, and CC was the eleventh. I’ve put ZT2 HD into the same post as normal ZT2 for a quick fix. Seems like we have to edit the code of the downloads page again…

  1. I’m dying to install the Radical Remake, but I’m afraid to!
    I’ve got a decent gaming PC (Core i5-6500 Skylake, 8 GB RAM, GTX 1060, plently of disk space), but once my zoos get big enough (4 stars and up, over 100 animals) it starts taking VERY long to save (anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes) and it becomes nearly impossible to keep it going.

  2. I’ve downloaded and installed and animals, plants etc are all great – but I cant find the challenge game you mentioned, should it be in with the ZT2 challenges?

    • Yeah, it should be the last campaign in the menu. Perhaps you have other usermade maps, those could interfere with the campaign showing up?

  3. I’ve had a problem with the optional goal that requires you to take pictures. Since installing the UI update the first time (and even updating it anytime it’s been released) I have been unable to do the picture challenges, it’s been broken for every goal that requires it, including the campaign in this pack. I merely installed the UI file like any other mod, have I made a mistake?

    • I don’t know – I’ve heard of this problem. But I had no issues myself completing the photo challenge with the RR UI installed. You can just test without the UI and see what happens?

      • I may have figured out a fix, at least I’ve gotten farther in the Secretary Bird Campaign than I’ve managed to get since the mods. I got the UI and the rest of the RR and AD mods out of my folder, and then ran it which seemed to help bit, and then I took ALL mods out and ran it like it was an unmodded copy. That seemed to have fixed whatever problem it was having for the time being, I hope it stays that way, I’ve been entirely unable to play any of the campaigns. It didn’t seem to fix previous saves, but fixed some sort of coding error that messed with new saves. I dunno what it did, though the MM file is still causing constant lag no matter what I do in my settings. I really love the remakes though, and the complete collection. Other than the few problems that I’ve had, they’ve been my favourite mods!

        • Nevermind. It glitched on the egg photo so that it said it completed but the goal never realised that it had been completed.

          • Apparently I need to save before I complete each goal to make sure that it registers.

      • I’ ve installed all exp. packs and the RR for all exp. packs.
        What did you mean…

        Sorry but, if you can speak german, can you write me that in german.
        Because I can’t understand and write english “so good”!? 😊

        … please write me back!

    • Das klingt halt so, wie wenn dir “Ausgestorbene Tierarten” fehlt. Da wurde das Modellformat erneuert und das benutzen wir auch so.

      Du kannst mal probieren deine Graphikeinstellungen zu verändern, aber sonst hab ich auch keine Idee mehr.

        • Dann dreh sie mal hoch. Wer weiß…
          Ich sehe eigentlich keinen Grund, warum neuinstallieren helfen sollte, wenn ansonsten alles funktioniert.

      • Sieh an, mit niedrigen Einstellungen crasht es bei mir auch. Warum, das weiss ich nicht…
        Wahrscheinlich weil wir keine Modelle explizit für low gemacht haben, aber das Problem ist mir neu.

        • HEY! Danke Hendrix!
          Es klappt.
          Ich war bis jetzt nur a spielen (Saiga Mission) und ich bin echt weit gekommen.
          Aber mein anderes Problem ist: Warum bekomme ich nicht das 2. Paar der Saiga’s obwohl ich Spenden in Höhe von 6.000 € für Saigas gesammelt habe?!…

          • Das hab ich jetzt schon ein paar mal gehört. Irgendwann sollte es aber erkannt werden. Ich versteh nicht warum es so lange dauert, der Code stimmt eigentlich.

  4. Will more animals be added?? Also the Ibex and Hyrax do not show up in game and are not shown in the animal menu.

  5. Any reason why the Maned Wolf can walk through any fence? I can’t keep them in my zoos are they’re escaping into the other enclosures and killing my other animals or walking around with people x

  6. I’ve been having an issue with both Bengal and Siberian Tigers after downloading this. I can place females of both, but as soon as I try to place a male the game with freeze and crash. Their icons also do not show up and when I go to place them an animal does not show up on the map. I don’t know if this is old or recent as I’ve had the RR downloads for quite a while, should I update them?

  7. When I start the campaign I get an entirely black terrain, except for the objects and foliage. Any idea what might cause this? I have directX installed.

  8. So is this containing all of the Radical Remake or do I have to download more because the amounts and animals and file size just doesn’t add up?

  9. Here modify the xml files of the complete collection, and just change the names of the animals to their common name in Spanish, I repeat just fix the scientific name that appeared to the animals in the Spanish translation (3082) and put their common names. Here you can download it:!UZVXGISJ!7ygB4ylE5VrV6-LMH_jW-k-lx0KoHaSf_Az2tyZHBwY

    Aqui modifique los archivos xml de la complete collection, y solo cambie los nombres de los animales a su nombre común en Español, repito solo arregle el nombre cientifico que le aparecia a los animales en la traduccion española (3082) y coloque sus nombres comunes. Acá Pueden descargarlo:!UZVXGISJ!7ygB4ylE5VrV6-LMH_jW-k-lx0KoHaSf_Az2tyZHBwY

    • Gracias – yeah unfortunately Wikipedia does not give us the common name as the title page, so we can’t get them automatically.

  10. This is an interesting pack which I have downloaded but some animals are missing, I even had to put some of the packs that it said to take out cause I was missing foliage, is there something that I’m missing or haven’t downloaded yet?

    • Actually now that I have that fixed my Saiga’s crash my game in campaign mode and they don’t appear in the free form mode so ANY help would be great!!

  11. Hi, i was wondering if next to RR, there will be more downloads? I would like to see more animals and themes Zoo Tycoon 2 didn’t have.

  12. Were you able to fix the photo related quest problem? i tried to use this before and i couldnt complete any challenges that contained photo related steps in them

  13. Hello; Thank you for all this, it is truely awesome !
    I have a question . my Nile Crocodiles refuse to drink. Is it a known bug ?

  14. I downloaded the pack however the Siberian Tiger’s Icon was white (only for one gender) so when I clicked on it the whole game crashed. I removed the ‘Siberian Tiger Hack’ (which allows for different colored babies to be born) and that seems to have fixed the whole situation. This hack may not be able to be used alongside this pack for the Siberian Tiger, is this something that can be fixed as that seemed to be the only way to have white,black and grey adults.

  15. Sorry to post here, not sure where else- has there been any discoveries related to the issue of photos not registering? I tried uninstalling the UI and it still does not let me complete photo-related goals or even register that I’ve taken a photo at all, so the problem must come from another part of the mods.
    I’d hate to go without the mods since they’re so great and make the experience so much better, but when most challenges are photo-related it gets frustrating having to decline so many.
    Thank you!

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