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  1. Hi!

    Amazing that you finished this, i really like it.

    But i think i found a bug in the campain game with the quest of donations for a specific animal. I got more than the requested amount of donations but it doesn’t get registrered, so the quest is still going and i don’t have the reward. The reward would make things a lot easier haha. I hope you can fix this!

    • Our testers also noted that there appears to be some lag between reaching the goal and its recognition. Not sure why… Try waiting a little longer?

      • Hey! Not sure if you will respond to this, but I was wondering how to download? I downloaded it and extracted it to ZT2, but it wouldn’t work. It stayed with my old interface and everything. Can you help?

      • Different person, same problem. It’s been quite some time since I reached the 2k in donations, and still no update from the campaign. I’m at 10k in donations for my saigas, and each donation box has over 2k in donations for saigas. Not sure what’s causing the issue, but figured you should know!

  2. i was just playing and i decided to make a zoo with all animals released by you guys here at AD and i put all the herbivore tropical rainforest animals in one exhibit and the ocellated turkey tried to use a tree and it glitched out and crashed my game

  3. I see that they lack a little translation, if they need help I could collaborate translating animals and objects into Spanish, which is my language.

  4. At me such problem with СС: RR Foliage Biome Changes does not see the updated plants – instead of them white squares. How to be?

  5. When I start the new campaign you made I get an entirely black terrain, only the crates with the animals, objects and foliage is visible. DirectX is installed. Any idea what this might cause?

    • That’s usually caused when you have too many mods on the game — if this is all you’re running, I’m not sure what could be causing it. D:

  6. Guys, first of all, thanks a lot for this amazing update! I noticed a bug though: some of the foliage, mostly from the original fynbos, cerrado and bioflora packs, does not display ingame! Instead, you get a plain white icon with just your logo in the corner, and the plant you are about to place is invisible and without a name. Once I place them, the game crashes. I’m pretty sure they should work in my game though as they worked before the Complete Collection. Can you look into this?

    • You probably have the RR Foliage Biome Changes package installed, remove it and all the plants will be visible, there will not be white squares, but, unfortunately, there will not be different color variations in plants.

  7. This is an interesting pack which I have downloaded but some animals are missing, I even had to put some of the packs that it said to take out cause I was missing foliage. Is there something that I may have downloaded or don’t have yet that is causing the missing animals?

  8. Just downloaded it and it’s amazing so far. I would just like to point out, however, that under the Facts in the duiker animals, there is a spelling error. Someone wrote Afrikaan instead of Afrikaans. Outside of that I haven’t run into any problems. Keep up the good work!

    • You must set your graphics settings to high. We don’t know why exactly this is happening, but apparently, doing so fixes it.

  9. It does not work perfectly well.
    The animals seem to come out of the environment ui these things do not apply

  10. Hi, love all the new animals! Though I’m wondering where can I get the additional biomes for the animals? Some are coming up as not having anywhere as I haven’t the download
    Also, are there any tips for keeping the smaller animals happier? They seem to get themselves stuck behind things quite often causing no end of unhappy faces
    Many thanks!!!

  11. Hi, so I have not downloaded this yet, if I were to wait until all of the radical remake content came out, and then decided to download this, would it have all of that content?

  12. I have a problem, I extracted the Complete Collections ZIP in my ZT2 folder, and I have the new animals and objects and all that, and that all works great. But I don’t have new textures for the official animals or new biomes or the new UI. What do?

  13. Hiya, So I really love all the new animals and the animal updates you guys do but I’ve never been a fan of your Biomes purely from an aesthetic point of view (I love their accuracy though!). So I’ve been attempting to play this without the Environments mod/whichever mod adds the biomes, but when I now try to add the campaign in, it causes a glitch in all the MM introduced biomes. The dirt doesn’t appear to load any textures, either appearing black or showing the biome it was place on top of. Is it at all possible to have the Campaign but not the biomes mod? Or is it due to the fact that because the campaign is set in one of your terrains that unless I have them all installed it will forever be borked?

  14. there’s a problem with the chinese and ice theme. When i play challenge mode, the theme cannot be research. That’s to bad really

  15. Hello aurora designs team…It’s been 5 months since the latest update. Is the radical remake project dead or still ongoing..

  16. Gharial crashes game about a minute or so after placing in world. So far hasn’t happened with anything other than the Gharial. Please fix or give me tips on how to fix it I’ve reinstalled both the mod and Zoo Tycoon twice and redownloaded the mod file too and it still keeps crashing my game! I really wanna build a Gharial exhibit because it’s literally my favorite type of crocodilian!

  17. I believe that they should reduce the size a little to the Indian gavial, so that it is smaller than the crocodile of the nile and not bigger

  18. Hello,my name is Ash.alee Im on ZT2.ROUNDTABLE and ive been teaching myself to skin code and basically I need to ask Permission to use the AD-American mustang in the Andrew’s European Unicorn, My Creation: I would like to make a pack called Unicorn Utopia and the magical part is like the Lipizzaner horses and would like to share what Ive made so far, they are by Far the most Beautiful Unicorns and they look way better Pure white, I would like to complete with a VAT.hack as AD did for the mustang vat. hack coding…

  19. I’ve noticed a bug myself. The remade ZT2 and ES animals cause my game to crash. For some reason, only the remade AA animals work. I’ve had to download a remade grizzly and polar bear that work, the RR grizzly and polar bears were causing my game to crash.

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