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This is one of those occasions where I’m sure everyboy goes “Oh, you so deserved it” – and once again, not without good reason. Please welcome the newest member of Aurora Designs, Jannick!

A little known fact, Jannick was a pioneer in model editing with blender – modeling was all mysterious to me by the time he’d already mastered it. Back in 2007, before ZT ABC had its namesake team of designers, the Dutch scene was really big. The team of ZT NL had just made “Beautiful Birds”, with edited models and cool aviary objects. (It’s obvious we/ZT ABC copied them in the wake of the hype.) I first collaborated with Jannick nearly ten years ago on some Aves stuff, but I don’t recall which animal it was and if it was eventually released.

Over the years, Jannick has developed his very own unique and beautiful photo-realistic style. Yet he has not only produced top quality work, but also quite a lot of it. Few designers are adorned with such an impressive portfolio of creations. Most of the species are his favorites, birds or cetaceans, but there are a few exotic terrestrial mammals as well. For his recruit project, Jannick picked the

Spectacled Bear!

Model & Skin by Jannick, Render by Jannick & Yukon

The bear went through countless iterations of honing and it surely shows. You can clearly feel the attention to detail and the artistic finesse that went into this project.

We’re glad to have Jannick on the team and we’re one step closer to the completion of Radical Remake!

10 thoughts on “Back to RR…

  1. Wow!!! By the way, I was just thinking that if you once again do a “fan’s choice” project, could you add Sengi to the list because they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Just like your work (-:

  2. Or a Binturong because, well, do I need to explain (so cool).
    Just to let you know your work is AMAZING! Is there any chance that you could post tutorials for beginners on how to program for Zoo tycoon 2

    • Could you be a little more polite? This kind of attitude will cause people to not want to create mods for this game.

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