A First Glimpse at the new Lion

What do you do when you have a project in the works for over six years with no access to it and minimal insight into its progress, yet the consistent promise that it’ll be done “soon” and a friendship that stops you from saying that it’s taking too long and we need to take matter into our own hands?

Well, that’s our Radical Remake Lion situation put simply. We thought it time to finally explain to you guys the unintentional mystery that has become the RR Lion and bring you up to speed on its progress. For many years, we’ve been chasing updates on Simba’s progress with his lion (me especially), which ended up becoming more of a solo project for him than an Aurora Designs team collaboration. So eventually, since Yukon had gotten quite experienced with modelling lions after his Asiatic lion solo project, we decided enough was enough and have taken it upon ourselves to make a new one of our own.

We recently showed a teaser of this new lion and we would first like to confirm a few things that people may be wondering:
– First off, there is no new secret member who’s been working on this or anything like that, I myself am doing the skin.
– Secondly, the skin is still in the early stages so we cannot say what we showed is final and is also why we didn’t show more of the skin (even though we do love to tease!).
– Lastly, the lion is currently our top priority; however, I have commitments with university so you’ll have to be understanding that the completion may take some time, but it will get done hopefully by the end of the year. There are side projects that you may see something of in the coming months though, but no guarantees just yet.

So for now, we thank you for your patience regarding this highly anticipated animal and leave you with a bit more than a teaser this time…


25 thoughts on “A First Glimpse at the new Lion

    I’m so hyped! This is by far THE animal I was most looking for in the Radical Remake!!

    It looks so amazing even in early stages, I’m so excited! You’re doing a very good job on it! Can’t wait to see more!
    Thank you so much for all your efforts, it looks amazing!!

  2. Always thought the reason for holding off on the lion was because he was the King of the Savannah and they wanted him to be their best work of art. Either way quite impressed. Any chance on a albino skin? Albino lions are my favorite!

  3. omg please hurry this is my fanorite animal. been wanting the new ones in my zoo. Thanks for working on it!

  4. its been a year, I have been patiently waiting, this is my favorite animals I really want it in my zoo! When will it be ready for game play?

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