Rock Hyrax

Time for a reveal 😉 I’m proud to present to you the next Complete Collection animal: The Rock Hyrax


Model and Skin: Platypus
Render: Yukon

The hyrax is one of the CC animals which is not a remake, but created completely from scratch for this  expansion only. It was one of the first animals made by Platypus alone, so kudos to him 😛

On another note, this render is 100% CG. Instead of inserting a rendered animal into a background picture, I created the rocks on my own, using the cycles render engine to give them a realistic material and then rendered everything with an hdr map as the light source and sky background.

3 thoughts on “Rock Hyrax

  1. I can’t wait for complete collection! i also wish there will be rats in complete collection 😀 maybe as ambient animals, and a gambian pouched rat as an adoptable animal 😀 also more felines will do ;D

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