One Step Closer

After over a year since it’s initial reveal at Christmas time in 2015, Aurora Designs are very proud to release the penultimate animal of the Radical Remake ZT2 original series and the 9th animal in part C, bringing us one step closer to having remade all 30 of the original animals!

Now this animal has gone through several remakes over the last 6 years or so and was passed through quite a few different members. However, member inactivity unfortunately caused the project to be repeatedly pushed back in terms of a reveal and release for quite some time. Even in the final year of its production, time has been short for us, but in addition, we wanted to add a slight twist to this animal with the inclusion of wet skins and the re-addition of dirty skins. This means that when the animal goes in the water, its skin will change from a dry to a wet version and as it comes out this wet skin will dry into an intermediate one which given further time out of the water will revert back to the original dry skin again. There is also one variant skin with its own wet skin cycle.

So with that being said, please give a chilly welcome to this Arctic beast now arriving at your zoos, the RR POLAR BEAR.

Download links can be found on the download page on our official site:

*Note that the HD version contains higher quality skins which need to be downloaded in addition to the original zt2 file.

Skin: Mayer
Model: TR with edits from Platypus
Wet skin coding: Hendrix

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes in the New Year!